Meet The Farmer

Salt Sister Founder Colleen Francke working aboard a lobster boat in Casco Bay.

Salt Sister Founder Colleen Francke working aboard a lobster boat in Casco Bay.


It all started when…

I grew up on Cape Cod, surrounded by the sea, so it is no surprise that I found my way to the water as a way of life and livelihood.

Many Cape Codders still worked the water when I was growing up.  They fished for bass, blues, and tuna.  They grew oysters, hard clams, and dug for steamers.  

There was one woman who worked out of Hemmingway Landing in Eastham.  She would haul her catch of soft shell clams from her skiff to the shore in bright orange baskets.  I remember watching her and wishing to be exactly like her someday.  She was self-sufficient.  She was strong.  She was free.  Her smile told me so.

But sometimes wishes just take time...

I was reintroduced to aquaculture "sea farming" when I moved to Maine and began working on a small locally run mussel farm in Casco Bay.  I spent the next number of years engrossed in the local fisheries.  I grew kelp, I worked on a ground fishing boat, I learned how to grow oysters, and I fished for lobster off-shore in the middle of winter.  Casco Bay became my new home, and I planted roots in the fishing community there. 

But I still wasn't happy, and my wish had all but washed away...

Until early 2016 when I made the decision to stop using substances to cope with life's challenges and I became a part of a new community.  A community of women in recovery.  That is when my life took an unbelievable turn.

I was becoming the woman I remembered from Hemmingway...  strong, joyous, free.

Summit Point and the Salt Sisters Kelp Farm are dedicated to the many women in recovery who helped me along the way, and to the many women that have yet to join us.

Because we are worth way more than our salt!